Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Weather

This entry is not about our trip but about living in Arizona. Many of you are dealing with the extreme cold weather. We desert dwellers often hear about how good we have it not having to shovel snow and all but the reality is that along with our blue skies and sun filled days we do have to deal with extreme heat during half the year and cold nights but every now and then we have to handle situations like this: This area is where the very first assembly hall in Arizona is being built, in Casa Grande. Many of the volunteers working on the project must have been affected by this accident. The cause of conditions is due to the lack of rain for an extended time. We had not had real rain for months but yesterday rain was in the forecast. The wind bringing the rain kicked up but it also whipped up the dry desert. We did finally get rain later in the evening. It was very nice to hear, smell and see the rain. The last time there was a major accident on the interstate Sagie was driving here from CA for a visit. She was about 10 minutes ahead of the accident. We were so thankful when she arrived in Tucson safe and sound.
The morning news said that the interstate road had to be checked out by engineers to be sure that the heat of the fire had not compromised the roadway. Scary.

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