Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hi Again!

The convention was amazing! On Sunday we maxed out with over 114,000 in attendance. Over 1,000 were baptized at ours but there were other conventions being held at the same time in different parts of Mexico. Altogether on Sunday over 3,000 were baptized and on Sunday over 300,000 brothers and sisters were in attendance at the conventions. The spanish program would be tied in to Puebla Mexico. They would hear the speakers here and for some parts we would hear the speakers there. Bro. Guy Pierce was the special speaker on Thursday and Friday. Bro. Loesch was on Saturday and Sunday. They switched places between us and Puebla. On Sunday during the lunch break Bro. Loesch gave a special talk in English. It was great. It was about the governing body. I will write more later when I have my notes in front of me.
I had planned to hear the program in spanish but since we are thinking about moving here and helping out in the english I decided to hear it in english and get to know the brothers serving in the english here. Some of the experiences were amazing. So many brothers and sisters have the move to help out here and in other countries. They have left the culture they knew and have had to learn new ways of doing things. At the stadium we were surprised by little things, like the bathrooms. No seats. I know that it is a small hassle to deal with compared to what some of the friends were saying about dealing with no electricity or sewer.
There were over 30 countries represented. Delegates came from Spain, Peru, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, San Salvador, Nicguagua, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Japan, Nigeria, Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, and many more lands.
I cannot describe the joy that is felt from all of the brothers and sisters. It was such an emotional experience. Each day the friends waved and greeted us in and each day they waved and bid us good night as we left. On the final day, they formed a path for us to walk through and threw confetti on us and hugged and kissed us and told us how much they loved being our brother or sister and serving Jehovah together. They held signs and gave us small gifts. Lots of candy. I have gifts from them for the girls, Megan!! Some cried because it was all over. I cried because I didnt want to leave them and say goodbye.
After the last talk and prayer everyone stayed in the stadium waving and clapping for more than 30 minutes. We did not want to leave. Some had left the stadium but only to be part of the lines wishing us well on our trip home and to thank us for coming. To experience the love of the brotherhood this way is something that all should experience. I came away reminded about how much I love my brothers and sisters. What a wonderful God we serve.
We have continued to meet up with other delegates as we tour or walk the city. Today we met some from Spain and El Salvador. It is just so great.
I climbed one of the pryamids. Yeah!! All of the pryamids and mayan ruins involved such disgusting religious practices that show how great Jehovah is for only asking us to obey and love each other.
We saw the University of Mexico here in Mexico City today. We also went to the home of Frida Kohlo, the artist. Both were interesting. We then went to the floating gardens but it was not as pretty as I had imagined. Lots of venders trying to sell you something.
We walked to the city park that is like Central Park in NYC. Muesums are there and I wanted to go to the Modern Art Museum but they were closed. Disappointed.
Tomorrow we are scheduled to see the governement offices. should be interesting.
Megs, I was sorry to hear that you are sick along with the girls. I hope you are feeling better.
love you all,


  1. Wow! Sounds like you guys have been really busy and having a wonderful time!! How exciting! :)
    I love you all and can't wait to hear all about it and hopefully to see some photographs too,
    girls send their love as do I,
    Megan, Heidi, Grace, & that hunky guy I married

  2. Have a safe flight home, Love you guys! :)