Monday, December 14, 2009

Just 3 More Days!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry not to have kept this up more regularly but we have been so busy and this computer center has not been open when we leave or get back until today. Yeah!!!

About the convention......if you ever get a chance to be a delegate to an international convention please please do yourself a favor and apply! Then start saving. It is the most wonderful experience. The foreign brothers are so happy to see happy that you made the effort to visit them. so happy that they can see their foreign brothers and sisters. The entire experience was so emotional. The first day the Mexican brothers and sisters were waiting for the buses to come. They started to wave and blow kisses. They got to wear their dresses from the different mexican states. Brothers were assigned to walk us to stadium and to our seats. When we got out of the bus area, the brothers and sisters were lining our way saying bienvenidos, welcome. They shoke hands and kissed. They gave us gifts and we gave them ours. Megs they loved your notebooks and the bookmarks!! Gotta go, sorry, but this center closes now....sad there is so much to tell you. I will try again tomorrow morning.
love you all

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