Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hi Everyone!

We arrived home on Friday morning at about 1 a.m. We were very tired. Rob has been battling a cold but is better today and going to meeting. I put up some pictures. Here is the link but I have to say that they are not very good or very many. Two things that I would do different is--get global phones and be sure and take a good camera.

It was a wonderful trip. I would definitely do it again!

After the convention we went to the pyramids. I only climbed the moon pyramid but Sage did the Sun one too. We were at about 9,000 ft elevation and it was the first time that I felt it. Then we had a wonderful buffet lunch at a local restaurant. It was the best. Lots of everything. Bummer was that it was the first day that I sort of felt a little queasy so I did not eat much. It never amounted to anything but I did not want to get sick on the bus. There was a lady washing the plates outside in a big galvinized tin. Tough job.

We went to the park close to our hotel, about a 15 minute fast walk. Some museums are there. i really wanted to go to the modern art museum but we were too late. They had closed at 5pm. The zoo there holds the panda bears that China gave Mexico. The park is like their central park. It is beautiful with lots of greenery and spots to sit and enjoy. There is a castle there, in fact it is Mexico's only castle. If I ever go back I will definitely try to get to the museums. There was just not enough time to do all that we wanted to .

We went to Zacolo. Mexico City's historic district with their government offices. Where the president has his offices. Before we entered the actual government office complex we had to send our items through a scanner and the guard made us take off our glasses and scanned us. Some in our group thought he had taken our picture. I thought it might be to see if we were sick or not, too, since it was followed up with a glob of antibacterial soap for us to clean our hands with. It was in these buildings that Diego Rivera's murals are found. They are huge and have wonderful color. No flash photography is allowed. He never finished putting murals all around the upstairs. He died before he was done.

The outside area was filled with people because it was xmas and there was a special snow area set up for everyone's enjoyment. some people were having a snowball fight. Snow is a rare treat here. To ski people leave the country. At the convention the brothers had heavy coats and scarfs on. Some even wore gloves during the morning. They would die in Minnesota!

I would like to go back to this area and explore. The buildings are from the colonial times. Great architecture. The National Art Museum is there. The National Opera House is there. Lots to look at.

We had taken a trip to the University on the South side of Mexico City. It is also a nice neighborhood that I would like to explore more. Frida Kahlo's house is there. She was such an interesting person. Fought hard for communism to better the world. Wonder how she would have reacted to the Bible's hope of a peaceful future. She had a lot of misery in her life.

The floating gardens was a disappointment. it really was not as pretty as in the brochures but historically it is the only spot where water is running. The canals do not smell. Mexico City used to be a lake bed and was built up and dried out. I was also tired of all the vendors at this point.

It was great to meet up with brothers and sisters where ever we went. Many were from different lands sightseeing too. We would hug and meet each other. Lots of fun.

By our last night we were quite comfortable walking around our hotel. We were in Zona Rosa. The American Embassy was about a block away. We were right off of Reforma which is a very wide boulevard much like Paris' champs d'elyses...sorry about the spelling.

I hope that you enjoyed these posts. We heartily encourage each of you to apply to attend an international convention if you ever get a chance to.

Bro. Loesch told us about some of the Asian brothers and how they even sold their cars to get to the convention. Some had to walk for 7 days to attend. So, if we have to save like crazy to take a trip like this, it would be worth it.

love you all and I will write more later. Going to meeting and I am very excited to everyone!

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  1. Hello and welcome back!!! Just had time today to 'catch up' on your blog--so glad you had a wonderful time. When you were at Tikal, did you hear the howler monkeys in the jungle? And yes, Antigua--lovely! What an experience you've had...and we didn't know you were thinking of maybe moving down there to help in an English group...we look forward to seeing you soon--take good care, much love--Joe and Sara...