Sunday, May 15, 2011

It almost happened...

(sorry about this break from my move story) but one of my fears in life almost came true.  I being semi-normal am not looking forward to suddenly dying.  There are many things wrong with dying but my deep fear associated with dying is not dying naked.  That would be horrible! I had a friend whose husband fell out of the shower dead from a sudden heart attack.  Horrible but especially so because he was not dressed! So, last Tuesday I did stuff around the house rather than take my morning shower so my morning shower became my afternoon shower and by that time Robin had left to run some errands. So, I enjoyed my hot shower in our just-a-bit-better-than-an-
outhouse bathroom listening to country music which is the only station we get in there.  I got out of the shower, grabbed my smaller towel for my hair and made the usual turban with it.  Then I grabbed my nice newish large sheet  towel off the rack and went to wrap it around me when something poked me on my left forearm.  It hurt so bad! I dropped the towel and saw the brownish curved tail and knew.....scorpion!! Ughhhh.... Here I might really and truly die naked. No this must not happen! So I leaped over the fallen towel to where my clothes were and shook them out and quickly dressed making the decision that at least I would be dressed even though I might be found dead but dressed with dry skin since I did not know if I had time to moisturize or not.  Then I leaped back over the towel out the door to call Robin and tell him what had happened and that he should come home.  I thought about rather or not I should use my epi-pen but the puncture site did not look especially red or terrible, it just hurt a lot.  By the time Rob came home with the benydral he found me doing okay with an ice "piggy" that stays in our freezer waiting to cool down booboos. The only really odd thing was that my hands and feet felt tingly, as if they had fallen asleep and by the end of the evening the tip of my tongue felt numb.  I did research it on the internet and my symptoms were in the normal range.  Yesterday my hands and feet still felt numb until the evening then everything felt normal except the area around the puncture.  Today the area is red and swollen and hurts to the touch. It itches too.  The problem is....I did not kill the scorpion!! In my haste to dress and call Robin I did not try to kill it.  I thought it would wait for Robin to come home and end his miserable life.  I was wrong.  The scorpion was no where to be found.  On the plus side I am alive and clothed.  I also do not take going to the bathroom casually...we have obtained a black light to help find the critter.....hope we do very soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I think I have come to the realization....

I think I have come to the realization, at least I am pretty least a 90% certainty, that I am more of a "blogger" than a "facebooker" and definitely not a "twitter." I have never twitted and I want to keep it that way. Call me close minded or electronically challenged, which very well may be the case but I really, really am not interested in learning how to "twitt."  I hate seeing everyone constantly looking down at their phones and busily typing on their stupid little keyboards.  I am glad that the "change-of-life" phrase is patience level was extremely low during that time period...I do believe I would have been tempted to yank a phone out of someone's hand and throw into traffic or over a cliff.  I don't imagine that spontaneous action would have been received well by the phone's owner.

So, now I have decided to pretty much give up facebook other than the family groups that I am the admin over and of course, to do my therapeutic virtual farming.  If anyone really wants to know what is happening with Robin and me, they will read our blog or email us or.....actually use their phone to call us.  Did I tell you that I hate texting too?!! Robin on the hand has become a avid "texter" he does it with his chunky little fingers is quite impressive in itself. 

Life has been a whirlwind of activity. The move to Clifton was about 10x the amount of work, expense and hassle that I had imagined it would be.  We decided to rent the smallest U-Haul truck because "we-don't-really-have-that-much-stuff" thinking had planted itself firmly in our innocent aging brains.  We were very wrong.  Three moving van rentals later we were back in the U-Haul office renting a covered trailer to finish moving my very large collection of plants and pots.  Yes, moving was way more than I had expected.  Oh, I mustn't forget to mention the wind...the wind that would become a "strong/severe wind warning" whenever we would be all packed up and ready to start out.  I never rode with Robin in any of the moving vans but keeping my loaded down Volvo on the road became a struggle during some of my trips to Clifton.  Robin not only had the wind but also darkness and fatigue to contend with...he usually was ready to drive up to Clifton around 6pm or thereafter.  Once he did not make it to Clifton until about midnight.  The van had trouble with the steering so he could only go about 30 mph...bummer.  The move was an ordeal but it is a done deal and we survived, vowing never to have so much stuff to move ever again!! You may have to remind us of this we will be older and may be forgetful.

Clifton, Arizona.  What can I say? It is our new home.  There is natural beauty in the area that I had not noticed during my visits.  It is this natural rugged beauty of the mountains that continues to surprise me.  The change of moving from Tucson to Clifton has been challenging.  The pluses are that our daughter, Megan and her wonderful family live here.  Spending time with Megan, Blaine and my grandchildren is wonderful.  I love being able to see them at meetings, to go out in service with them. to go to the movies together, etc.  This is the reason why we moved here and we have no regrets.  It is great to see them on a regular basis and to share everyday activities with them.  We are making new friends in our new congregation, as well as developing friendships that we have had for years into deeper ties, stronger friendships. 

I do miss the commercial aspect of big city living...stores, restaurants, movies, etc.  Clifton has about 3,500 residents.  There are about 8,500 residents in all of the county.  Greenlee county is the most sparsely populated county in the state of Arizona.  Most of you know that I am not a shopper.  I actually thought that I might even hate shopping but now I am rethinking that.  To have options, choices is a luxury that I took for granted.  There is a grocery store in the next town of Morenci as well as a mercantile with a Radio Shack. Morenci also has the movie theater which changes the one movie once a week.  A medical clinic and pharmacy (not a drugstore...imagine your CVS, Walgreen's with only the pharmacy counter) are also located in Morenci.  There are restaurants and we still have some to try.  So far the asian restaurant is on the top of the list. The bowling alley actually has pretty good food in comparison to the restaurants. The bowling alley was a fun experience...clean, good food, good set-up and like most places so far, staffed with friendly people. We have gone-to-the-circus in Morenci.  There was a small traveling circus that stopped in Morenci.  It was nice to see the community support it.  My grandchildren were excited and had a great time seeing the circus performances.

I will continue this later....gotta go get some things done! Make it a great day!