Friday, December 30, 2011

Hi, I'm Back!

Hi everybody!  Did you figure out that I am not the best blogger in the universe?....but maybe in my home since I am the only one! Well, we have enjoyed a spring, summer, fall and now a winter in our new hometown.  We hadn't expected it tobe soooo cold! Today it is warm! Up to 72!! Wow, the sun feels so intense....we didn't even talk about how sad it is that our car heater decided to die before the winter weather set in.  No, we drove/rode along enjoy the sun's heat coming through the windshield with no reference to how glad we are that our Volvo at least has working seat warmers...nope, we just enjoyed the warm rays! We have talked a lot about the weather since the fall.  We have had rain, snow and sleet.  Rob and I have both concluded that we are not very fond of cold weather.  We admit that living in a 100 year old house with no insulation is a drawback.  Our heat pump is pretty ineffective in heating the house.  We have researched space heaters and will be buying some.  Our heart was set on buying an Edenpure heater or the Surge Amish heater that looks like a real fireplace but the cost is about $400.  Space heaters will cost less.  Our oven has, forget the baking to warm the house idea. Our house warms up to a lovely 63 degrees or so on the cold days. Our historical house has original wood floors in the living room and bedroom which was "quaint" when we first saw the house.  Those original floor wood slats are not flush so they allow the cold air to come on up into the house.  My last two homes have had saltillo tile floors but I was able to walk barefoot on them during the winter months in Tucson.  My "quaint" floors here prohibit walking barefoot in the morning.  We are now robe and slipper users.  I always thought these items were just extra stuff people bought to clutter their lives but never used.  I was wrong.  At this moment in my life I am dreaming of owning a pair of Ugg type boots...ones that are cozy and keep your feet warm...who cares that it is an animal product...or maybe I could just get some Walmart ones.... I am torn by buying affordable but guaranteed to last only one season because it is made of inferior materials and shoddy workmanship or buying a better brand that will last...but hurts the pocket book.  Decisions.  We use lap blankets in the car while driving on the cold nights and mornings.  Robin has started wearing a black "Russian" type hat that a friend gave him because she probably didn't want her husband using it! He wears it and gloves in the car!!  Rob's sister Terry sent us scarves she had knitted.  Rob has added that to his winter weather gear.  Seeing snow has been delightful.  We also saw ice on all the plants and trees one morning and it was beautiful to see.  If we are here next winter, we will be prepared! All in all we are glad that we moved here.  Being our grandkids and their Mom and Dad makes it worth it!