Friday, February 11, 2011


Okay, we are really moving to Clifton!! Exciting to anticipate living closer to family.  We have been by ourselves in Tucson for the past 6 years or so ever since Sage moved to Santa Barbara.  I like our new rental home.  It offers lots of potential.  The yard is in desperate need of care...something I love to do! I must admit that I do like moving into a different place and deciding where to put my stuff or even if I still want that stuff! Simplify is my new creed...but it is all relative. So, March is the moving month.  I hate to admit that I leave Tucson with regrets...regret over the things I had planned to do but kept putting it off.  I do love Tucson.  Many Tucson residents will whine about living here.  I loved the weather.  Dramatic.  I loved raising my family here.  Good memories.  Good times.  Clifton will be a new adventure.  It has much local history to learn about.  Lots of nature trails to explore.  Nearby towns/cities to visit.  In April we are planning our first trip to Mexico. Our calendar is quickly filling up.  We plan to come to Tucson every second weekend of each month to continue our work as volunteers with the KH design/drafting group.  This will give us the opportunity to touch base with our Tucson friends and to do a little shopping, sight-seeing, culinary exploring in the big city.  We plan to stay over on Sunday night in Casa Grande so that we can join up with our regular volunteer group at the AH on Monday.  From there we plan to drive home through Globe and up to Safford.  That is the plan.  We realize that plans are subject to change.  We are also applying to work unassigned territory in the summer up north either in Montana or the Dakotas.  Busy times. But for now we will focus on the move to Clifton.  I will be going to Santa Barbara sometime soon.  My brother Manuel is not doing so well.  I want to see him and spend some time visiting with him.  Share a hug and a laugh. That's it for now. Here are some pictures of our future home