Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We have heard from both congregations and are eager to visit them in person! The first congregation to respond also responded to my request to email with a sister in the congregation.  Luly has been charming.  She has sent me an invitation to look at pictures of their Kingdom Hall and of the congregation.  The brothers do not seem to have to wear ties in service but at the Hall they do.  Robin is excited about the no-tie-in-service since ties have always bothered him.  Otherwise the brothers and sisters could be in service anywhere in the United States.  They do seem to use more umbrellas for shade.  Luly said that her congregation's territory is half of the State of Tabasco and has 5 or 6 municipalities which I am thinking are counties but she says that they have only almost covered 2 of them.  Lots of work left to be done! They have also moved the English Congregation to another city since the Branch wrote us.  Most of the friends live in this city so meetings are more convenient.
The second congregation has also had a sister write me.  She restated that there are no foreign brothers or sisters helping out their congregation. (The first congregation has a couple from Florida and a sister from Belize helping.) The city is about 200,000 with the outlaying areas bringing it to 400,000. The brother said that it was a small city of 700,000 so he may be counting more area but in any case the congregation of 24 have a huge territory to cover! Pretty incredible to think about!
We are very excited about traveling down to meet everyone and to see the areas.  We are counting that Jehovah makes it very clear which congregation will work best for us.  Right now I think I am leaning towards the first congregation in the smaller town but if our goal is help out then we need to go where we can best be used. Anyone who knows me well knows how terrible I am about making choices!! Lots of prayer I am sure will be involved.

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