Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First we tried calling Mexico by just dialing the phone number that we had.  Wrong.  So we called Verizon to ask about calling Mexico and found out that it is about 45 cents a minute to a land line and about 69 cents a minute to a mobile line. There is a monthly plan available where the cost is about 9 cents a minute to a land line and about 25 cents a minute to a mobile line.  When the customer service went to add the service to our line she said---"you already have that service!" Now this is after we have called and called Verizon about lowering our bill to just the bare minimum.  Paying for a service we didn't use...bummer.  Anyway we dialed through and spoke with the brother.  His family does not understand English very well.  There was great commotion getting him on the line and then we had to call back in 5 minutes.  His English is very choppy but he is happy to say that it has been less than 5 years since he started speaking English! So very good indeed! He said that the congregation is around 38 publishers with 3 elders and 10 regular pioneers.  They have a very large territory covering many cities.  So, the plan is to attend the English convention in Merida in September and then to follow or go with them back to their town.  It would give them opportunity to meet us and us them! He said that there is a brother who owns apartments.  We could check out the territory, the Kingdom Hall, housing, stores, etc.  The brother thought that it would be a good idea to go for an extended visit before actually moving.  So we would like to come home and then plan a trip back if it seems like it will work out.  The brother reassured us that it is very safe there! I hope so!! Funny thing is that I was looking forward to living in a city where we could walk to cafe-s and stores, take the bus, and so on but this area sounds much like Clifton but in Mexico.  I am anxious to find out how it really is...wish I could Google Earth it!

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