Saturday, March 2, 2013

Today's blog will mainly be pictures for yesterday's blog. The trucks full of stick looking things are really carrying sugar can. The road picture is supposed to give you an idea of the shape of the road but it really was much worse...more on that later. Robin and Juan (the new circuit overseer) are taking flowers off of a Joshua tree or agave bloom.  Juan was really excited about sauteing them up and then mixing in eggs! Wonder how it tastes. Left before they cooked it. The house pictures are where we stayed with Juan and the car mechanic brother and their wives. Nice. The hotel pictures are of the Mexican resort, Las Fuentes where we stayed.


  1. Really love seeing all your photos! I hope you do not mind but I shared your blog link with a few Witnesses that I am close to and know well.

  2. Couldn't stop reading until finished.
    Great adventure! Jose & RosaMaria