Sunday, March 3, 2013


Heading on back to Paraiso tomorrow morning.  We have been in Chiapas since Friday in order to attend an English circuit assembly.  San Cristobal is a beautiful colonial town.  Narrow cobbled streets. We stayed in a Mexican hotel.  Nice. Affordable and walking distance to a quaint shopping/restaurant area. Tonight we were at a restaurant filled with brothers and sisters and some joined our table since there was a seating shortage. The food was good. Nice to get to know more people.  Benny and Jenny came from Florida. He is from Mexico.  The nice surprise was that there was violinist that started to play. She played kingdom songs! She is a sister! Very nice! We are now back in our hotel.

Here are some photos of San Cristobal and of the drive up here.  We are at almost 8000 ft. elevation.  Paraiso is at sea level. It was very cold here. Love you!
Pictures: border crossing, pioneer mtg, skyscrapper in Tuxla, colonial streets and buildings in San Cristobal

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