Monday, May 13, 2013

A Visit State Side!!

We are going back to the States this month for a 2 week visit! I am so excited! We are leaving this Thursday or next. Megan & Sage have been helping us find flights. We still need to work out our internet problems. When we come back we will make getting internet in our home our mission. Our American phones will be working when we are in the States so feel free to call us! We would love to visit with some of you in person.

We will be getting some immigration paperwork done. Shopping. Clothes are pricey here. And I need to tell you about laundry...but that is for another time. Wii & other games are pricey here...about $100 each! American food....particularly a steak!! No, thick steaks here. No roasts either....but that is another story too! For me, gluten free food!! And giant green salads!!!

Number one thing to do in the States---> See our family!! I am so missing them! Especially the grandchildren!! It will be great to visit with them! We might be able to spend some time with our brand new daughter-in-law!

Now that I know a little more about life down here, I know what items I have in storage that would be very useful to bring back. We also want to downsize our storage units. Leaving the country was not the planned organized affair I had envisioned. I did not give ourselves enough time to pack and organize. I think it was part of a denial mentality. I certainly did not expect to be sick when we were leaving. I am still so very grateful for all of the love and help we were given at the last minute. We could never have left on time without it. Our brotherhood is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Jehovah provides the help we need from the least likely source. We had not expected our community to be so involved in our move. But they were....and we are so glad for all of their help and support during that time!!

We have not gotten our return ticket yet but I will be researching how much an extra bag will cost me verses sending myself a box through fed-ex or DHL. A $100 for a large suitcase is sounding quite reasonable!.

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