Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day at the Convention

Great program! Took a taxi to the assembly hall in Texcoco across from the Mexico Branch. Crazy ride! Met the friends from Poza Rica. Met the sisters I have been communicating with through email. We also met up with Dewey & Edie and a pioneer couple who were in Safford and went to our pioneer class 4 years ago! At lunch time you eat in the cafeteria standing at a table. After the session we visited and then went out to look for a taxi and asked a brother where we could get one. He told us that he would take us to the main street to get one. First he had to help his friend who had a dead battery. No problem. Turns out his friend is staying at our hotel! So he gave us a ride back but first we all went to a sister 's cousin's taco shop. Very good food. 6 pesos a taco. They had beef, pork, tripas, brain,or tongue...I just had beef. So tomorrow we will ride with our new Columbian friend to the convention.

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