Friday, July 1, 2011

Rob's Miserable Week....

Okay, moving is a lot of work; a lot of adjustments.  Our friends have moved to Michigan which is many states from here...but I have to say adjusting to Clifton has been harder than I had anticipated.  Love living by the grandkids and their parents.  Good times! I actually love my new old house...lots of quirks but always surprising and interesting! Lots of character. For once, it was not me who was battling disappointments but my ever agreeable soulmate, Robin.  It started with unplanned food poisoning from stopping at a truck stop.  The general consensus is that you should commit to eating at truck stops on a regular basis or forget about it. We were coming home from Tucson after the quickdraw weekend.  Rob thought we might be a little adventurous and try a new culinary seemed acceptably clean, which I did comment about to the cashier who let me know that they are trying very hard ever since they had been closed down by the health board....I try to fight reading into things as if it is a sign of some future happening...but I felt sure that it might be.  We both got the chills, fevers, body aches and other related unpleasant body function problems. It was pretty pathetic and horrible.  It was during this time that Rob's watch stopped working.....then computer showed the blue screen of death...which led to it going to the computer miracle fix-it man who told us that it was not a software problem but a hardware problem and that it was not even possible to access the hard-drive at all so as to save files.  He is still figuring out how much a repair would cost us.  Then yesterday, Rob's beloved volvo refused to start up.  The car was towed to the only bonafide car repair business in town that is not run out of someone's garage.  Since it is a holiday weekend...(note this was on Tuesday) they would not be able to look at it until next Tuesday.  During all of this a friend had offered Robin the exact phone that he had been drooling over....a smart phone...the HTC something android phone...but it was for Sprint and we are with Verizon so Rob set about his quest to find out if a Sprint phone can be used by a Verison customer....answer= no! So, Rob said that he would be willing to change services and was told that Sprint is not in our area!!  But one of the most shocking items was that Rob was told that unemployment had stopped because the state of Arizona is not in compliance with the federal laws and regulations regarding unemployment extensions.  So, Rob has had a very disappointing week so far..hope it gets better.  We did have our first monsoon rain today!!

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