Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We have pretty much decided...about 95%...that we will be making one move before we move out of the country.  I would really like the opportunity to live closer to my daughter and grandchildren even if it is not for a long time.  I want to be able to share some everyday experiences...such as inviting them over for dinner or for a movie or a game.....to have them just drop in.  So, we are hoping to move to Clifton, Arizona.  Robin is not thrilled to think about living in a small town but he concedes that living closer to one of our children would be nice.  Moving will give me the opportunity to go through my stuff one more time and weed out what I don't really need or want.  When Rob and I dated in Santa Barbara we were friends with two couples whose children ended up marrying each other.  The children own a home in Clifton.  The renters moved in December.  The owners like to make improvements between renters so the home will not be available until mid-February.  The home is located right in the middle of Clifton so we will have to become accustomed to living with neighbors right outside our doors and windows.  We have lived in rural settings for the last 7 years. I love where I live right now but I know that I would have to move away when we move to Mexico anyway. I love the setting here, the indoor natural lighting, the privacy, the neighbors, the drive home.....I love it but I may love the life we find in Clifton more.  I want to find out. The home in Clifton will be freshly painted with new tile in the kitchen as well as new cabinets.  It will probably be larger than the homes we have lived in during the past 7 years. It is a two bedroom, one bath house.  One bedroom is upstairs...that is all that is upstairs...downstairs is the kitchen, diningroom, living room, den, bedroom, bathroom and laundry room. So we will have a room for you when you visit!!! There is a small yard that we will probably have to dog proof. The only carpeting is on the stairs and in the upstairs bedroom.  New carpeting is being installed.  It has double-paned windows and a heat/a.c. pump.  It also has a front porch and a connecting side porch. The home itself is on a hill about midway up. Parking is a premium. Think San Francisco.... I think that it is a one way street with no parking on our side but the home has parking space for two cars.  There is a library and courthouse around the corner so should we have a large dinner party our friends could park over there and walk to our home.  I had been thinking about going more modern in our home decorating but I think this home will lend itself better to our eclectic decorating scheme... I realize that moving this distance for a short time does not make good financial sense but it is what I want to do and I am glad that Robin is supportive of this adventure.  Well that is our news for now....

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