Thursday, November 4, 2010


Did you know that Craigslist is international? I didn't until while reading about Mexico rentals the suggestion was made to keep checking with craigslist and to contact the ones who had posted even if the post is an old one because they may have other rentals and you could let them know what you looking for.  So, I checked out Mexico and what was being offered.  Very interesting.  Lots of potential.  Prices vary considerably.  Rob and I talked about keeping in mind what is included with the "rent." Some rentals include utilities others include wifi but the question is---is wifi service included or do they mean that it is available if you buy the service?... Questions that need answering. 

What is called a "kitchen" in Mexico can vary from just providing a microwave to a regular American type kitchen with the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher etc.  (A minor sidepoint is why do people living in the United States own the title to being called "Americans" when in reality shouldn't everybody living in either North, South or Central America also be "Americans?") So the type of "kitchen" that is included in the rental is important.

There seems to be more rentals available with just showers.  I lived for 5 years without a tub and I really did miss it...but it is not absolutely necessary.

Apparently electricity is a owned by one company in Mexico.  It is a certain price per kilowatt up to a certain usage level and then the price goes up.  But if you use so much over the allotted amount the kilowatt cost under the set mark also goes up.  So is having a huge kitchen with all of the bells and whistles worth it? The other important thing to find out about an area is if electricity is available 24/7.  In some areas it is not.  I actually would not mind it if for so many hours each day I knew that we would not have electricity.  I like when the power goes out and you realize how quiet the neighborhood is....

Water pressure is another consideration.  Sometimes water is available but not all of the time.  That could get tricky.  Often water tanks are on the roof so that they can be filling slowly with the lousy water pressure but when you need to use it in your house you get pressure because of would be coming down from the roof.

We want to take our dogs with us so we would like a place with an enclosed yard.  Although I would not be against apartment living close to a city hub in a smaller village, I think that having dogs will cancel that out.

The next item up on our to do list is to write the branch telling of our desire to help out in the english speaking congregations.  It will be interesting to see where they would like us to consider moving to.  We will mention in our letter that we would like to relocate to Oaxaca but will consider any other area where there is a need.

Next week I will check out Clifton for a possible interim housing while we work on our move to Mexico. 

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