Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Life is getting bogged down right now.  Moving to Mexico is going to be soon...even if it is not for 2 years. We need to start taking trips to areas that may be our new home. We need to start spending time with Americans living in Mexico and hear their stories.  What were their personal challenges? What gold nuggets of advice can they give us? Today we were offered another choice...to move to the small town where my grandchildren live, Clifton, Arizona.  Robin hates small towns.  He loves living in cities with restaurants, movie theaters, exhibits, etc.. My argument for moving is this---if we are moving out of the country eventually, why not move closer to the grandkids now so that we can spend our remaining time in the states closer to them? (and their parents!)  It does costs to move but wouldn't it be worth it? This choice will require some prayerful consideration. 

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  1. The grandkids are at this age once. If the family is inviting you, why miss the opportunity?

    We've recently moved to the cong. where my sister and brother attend. No words fully explain how encouraging and heartwarming it is to see them at the meetings and express their faith. My 13 yr. old niece gave her first question, scripture, article, magazine presentation on the platform last night. My heart swelled and was overflowing with love and happiness.

    They know we are there temporarily, but my niece said she wants us to stay. Even if we can play a small part in the family's staying strong, it is worth it.

    As you mentioned the financial and "small town" cost, it's understandable to be unsure. You no doubt are also looking at the support you can give to your pioneer daughter, the interchange of encouragement, and heart swelling, tears of joy opportunities that you would experience.

    With a heart full of happiness, I rest my case.